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College Recruiters on Social Media !!

Task description :

For this task today  I read about a article based on football players and how they used social median and how they lost there reputation, The article also talked about how some of the football players tried to get into schools but got rejected because of their reputation.

Geography challenge !!



The city and its suburban areas have seen an increase in immigration from Europe and other continents.

Top 3 places or activities 

Egyptian Museum

Mole Antonelliana

La Venaria Reale

Language Spoken




Distance from Auckland, New Zealand.

18,802.78 km

National Animal

grey wolf

Top sports Team



Leader of the country

Stefano Lo Russo

Interesting Fact

See Italy’s first parliament at the Museum of the Risorgimento, devoted to the history of Italian unification.

Task Description, This is What i learnt and to find answers i use Googel Earth, I hope you enjoy reading my blog post !!